Vacation Scholarship Program 2012/2013 Information Session

Location: Old Geology, Theatre 1, University of Melbourne


Vacation Scholarships are available to students who are:

* enrolled in any single or combined degree program in which they have been able to study a significant amount of Mathematics or Statistics

* seriously considering Mathematics & Statistics' Postgraduate programs (eg. MSc, RHD)

Scholarship details:

* 4 week (full time) scholarship during 2012/2013 summer vacation period

The Department can offer projects across the disciplines of Mathematics and Statistics, with staff members active in the areas of:

* Algebra, Number Theory & Representations

* Analysis & Set Theory

* Applied Mathematics

* Complex Systems

* Discrete Mathematics & Algebraic Combinatorics

* Geometry & Topology

* Mathematical Physics & Statistical Mechanics

* Operations Research

* Statistics

* Stochastic Processes

For further information & how to apply visit:

PDF flyer