Invariants for representations (following Quillen's equivariant cohomology) Speaker: Eric Friedlander

Location: Room 213, Richard Berry Building
In back-to-back papers in Annals 1971, Dan Quillen formulated equivariant
cohomology theory to give an explicit description of the spectrum of the
cohomology of a finite group. Quillen's introduction of algebraic geometry
to group cohomology has led to support varieties of modular representations
and structural results about the stable module category for finite groups.
We describe how cohomology has somewhat receded from the scene, how methods
evolving from Quillen's work apply to other module categories, how support
varieties admit refinements, and how algebraic vector bundles arise from
special classes of modules. This talk will touch upon collaborations over
the years with Brian Parshall, Andrei Suslin, Chris Bendel, Jon Carlson,
and especially Julia Pevtsova.