Vacation Scholarship Program 2014/2015 APPLICATIONS OPEN

Location: Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Our vacation scholarship program provides selected students a supervised introduction to research in mathematics or statistics. Successful candidates will be supervised by a member of staff according to their general strengths and interests, whether it be pure, applied, maths or stats. As well as learning new things for the purpose of research goals, the vacation scholars gain work force experience and have the chance to meet, socialise and make friends with students of similar interests. It is particularly recommended for students, either advanced second years, or current third years, who are seriously considering our Masters program.

Vacation Scholarships are available to students who are:

1. enrolled in any single or combined degree program in which they have been able to study a significant amount of Mathematics or Statistics

2. seriously considering University of Melbourne Mathematics & Statistics Postgraduate research programs (eg. MSc, RHD)

Students from other Universities are eligible and encouraged to apply. If you wish to receive updates about the application process please email

Scholarship details:
• $450 per week, 4 week (full time) Scholarship
• during 2014/2015 summer vacation period