Professor Peter Taylor was awarded ARC's most prestigious Laureate Fellowships

Dear Colleagues

I am very pleased to write a second good news email! I am delighted to announce that two of our outstanding research scientists have been awarded the ARC’s most prestigious Laureate Fellowships. The successful ARC Laureate Fellows are Professors Peter Taylor (Mathematics and Statistics and our Associate Dean – Research and Industry) and Lloyd Hollenberg (Physics). Summaries of their projects are provided below, highlighting the strength of the cross-disciplinary research being undertaken in the Faculty. 17 Laureate Fellowships were awarded this round, of which two were at the University of Melbourne (and both in the Faculty of Science). The Laureate Fellowships provide these researchers with a five year research-intensive position.

Professor Lloyd Hollenberg’s project is entitled “New views of life: quantum imaging in biology”. This project will create and apply new technology, based on the quantum properties of diamond, to attack important problems in biology; from how cells differentiate at the beginning of life, to understanding brain function. The results of this project will directly benefit society through the development of new technology for nano-medicine and drug discovery.

Professor Peter Taylor’s project is entitled “New stochastic models for Science, Economics, Social Science and Engineering”. Stochastic, or random, phenomena are abound in society. This project will combine advancement of the theory of stochastic models at a deep level with application to problems arising in science, economics, social science and engineering, and outreach to educate members of the public about random processes of significance in their lives.

For further information on this round of ARC Laureate Fellowship outcomes, please see:

It has been an exciting day of announcements for the Faculty!

Kind Regards

Professor Janet Hergt
Dean, Faculty of Science
The University of Melbourne
Vic 3010, Australia