Department of Mathematics and Statistics is lead institution for $20m ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers of Big Data, Big Models, New Insights

Peter Hall, Jan De Gier, Aurore Delaigle, Peter Forrester and Peter Taylor are the Chief Investigators of the new ARC Centre of Excellence, a partnership of the University of Melbourne (lead institution), Queensland University of Technology, the University of Adelaide, the University of Queensland, University of Technology Sydney and the University of New South Wales. The centre will create innovative mathematical and statistical models that can uncover the knowledge concealed within the size and complexity of today's abundance of big data sets.

The quantity and complexity of data available in today’s world is growing at an ever increasing rate. This massive amount of data exists across a diverse range of sources, with images, genetics, sensors, the internet and video recording all contributing to complexity. Moreover, data is generated by multiscale systems that operate on different spatial, temporal or organisational scales. Key examples include health services, telecommunications networks, road traffic networks, natural ecosystems and financial systems. It is not appropriate nor efficient to model these as collections of simple building blocks: they must be controlled and optimised simultaneously at all scales, often in real time

The centre will be led by Professor Peter Hall from the University of Melbourne, one of the world’s leading statisticians, with an executive of A/Prof Jan de Gier (UoM), Kerrie Mengersen (QUT) and Louise Ryan (UTS).