Gilbert Rigg Scholarship in Mining / Geomechanics

PhD scholarships are available for high achieving students to undertake research in Mining or Geomechanics at The University of Melbourne.

The scholarships also provide opportunities for students to gain joint PhD degrees (Univ, Melbourne and INPG-UJF) through the projects if they have interests.

Study Subject: Mining, geomechanics
Level: Post Graduate (Research)

Payment Information

The value of this scholarship is AUD26000 (per annum). This award is to be used for living expenses.

Research Information

This scholarship is for one of the following fields of research: EARTH SCIENCES, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY or MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES.


This scholarship is for study in Australia.

General requirements

The academic requirements to be considered for the Gilbert Riggs graduate research scholarships are the same as those that apply to entry to the PhD.
The key academic requirements that applicants must meet are:

  1. Completion of tertiary studies that are at least equivalent to a four-year honours degree at an Australian university, and

  2. Applicants normally need to have completed a research project/component as part of their tertiary studies that accounts for at least 25% of their year's work at 4th year or masters level.

Examples of tertiary studies that normally meet the academic requirements include:
a) 3-year bachelors course followed by a 1-year

  • honours [eg. BA(Hons), BCom(Hons)]

  • postgraduate diploma

  • masters preliminary qualification, or

  • masters course

b) 4-year bachelor with honours course [eg. BE(Hons), LLB(Hons)]

Academic merit is the primary selection criterion for graduate research degree scholarships. Demonstrated research potential is also taken into account.

Application Details

General info

A/Prof Antoinette Tordesillas
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Phone: +61 3 8344 9685
Faculty of Science
The University of Melbourne

General info

Professor Doreen Thomas
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: +61 3 8344 6663
Melbourne School of Engineering
The University of Melbourne

General info

Rosa Nacli (Scholarships and Prizes Officer)
Engineering & IT Student Centre
Phone: +61 3 9035 4610
Web Site:
Melbourne School of Engineering
The University of Melbourne
VIC 3010, Australia