Workshop and Summer School From Statistical Mechanics to Conformal and Quantum Field Theory

This workshop and summer school will be held from 8 January to 8 February 2007 at the AMSI premises and at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The workshop is supported by funding from AMSI, MASCOS, COSNet, APCTP, JSTAT and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Convenors of the workshop, Paul A. Pearce (Melbourne, Australia), Giuseppe Mussardo (SISSA, Italy) and Chaiho Rim (Chonbuk, Korea) have put together a stimulating program, including some of the following fascinating topics:
• Solvable lattice models and integrable systems
• Bethe ansatz and finite-size corrections
• Bulk and boundary conformal and quantum field theory
• Logarithmic conformal field theory
• Stochastic Loewner evolution
• Statistical behaviour and scaling in complex systems

In addition to a large number of research seminars, mini lecture series are being offered on the various topics of the workshop. Each lecture series consists of several lectures given by a world-leading expert and are specifically pitched to be accessible to graduate students as part of the summer school activities.

There are no registration fees for members of this Department and participation is encouraged. Please attend as many or as few sessions as you wish.

A list of international speakers and full details of the program and schedule of lectures is available on the workshop webpage at

If you have enquiries about the workshop, please contact Paul Pearce