Graduate Opportunities in Melbourne & Sydney

ANZ Job Opportunities

ANZ is a place where outstanding graduates hone their skills on everything from currency trading to risk management, sales and business strategy. ANZ offers mathematically and personally challenging roles to highly numerate and motivated individuals.

As a mathematics graduate, a career at ANZ could lead to a breadth of roles including:

Quantitative Analyst
Quantitative Analysts (Quants) are mathematicians who specialise in the mathematics of financial markets. As markets have become more complex, Quants increasingly work with traders, sales staff and sometimes customers in assisting them in understanding the markets and the products traded for hedging or speculation.

Derivatives Trader
Derivatives traders are responsible for pricing, trading and risk management of the most sophisticated financial products. These products cover foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities, credit and electricity. Derivatives traders must be able to think quickly and clearly under pressure and must be analytical and practical in their approach.

Structurers use their knowledge of financial products and the market to understand customers' requirements and to devise strategies top satisfy customers' needs. It might be a machinery manufacturer looking to protect themselves against adverse moves into the Australia dollar, or it could be an investor looking to profit from the interest rate market.

To apply for opportunities in Melbourne and Sydney please visit the ANZ website at, identifying your preference for roles in Markets. Applications close 30 March 2007.