Professorial Fellow (Associate)
Recent Publications:
  • MicroRNAs in CD4(+) T cell subsets are markers of disease risk and T cell dysfunction in individuals at risk for type 1 diabetes (2016) more
  • A molecular threshold for effector CD8(+) T cell differentiation controlled by transcription factors Blimp-1 and T-bet (2016) more
  • The Subclonal Architecture of Metastatic Breast Cancer: Results from a Prospective Community-Based Rapid Autopsy Program "CASCADE" (2016) more
  • Systematic noise degrades gene co-expression signals but can be corrected (2015) more
  • Statistical Methods for Handling Unwanted Variation in Metabolomics Data (2015) more

Selected Publications

Current Postgraduate Supervision:
Daniel CAMERON "Computational problems in cancer genomics data"
Lyndal HENDEN "Analysis of structural variation in sequencing data in pedigrees"
Stephen LUEN "Analysis of the residual disease samples from the NeoALTTO study"
Ehtesham MOFIZ "Scabies mite genome project"
Past Postgraduate Supervision:
Benjamin LANSDELL "Numerical models of the Wnt cell-signaling pathway"
Past MSc Students:
Benjamin LANSDELL "Computational Gene Prediction Using Generalised Hidden Markov Models and Tiling Arrays"