Australian Laureate Fellow
Ext. Number:
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Markov processes
  • Queueing Networks
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Modelling of biological systems
  • Parameter estimation
  • Stochastic Petri nets
Recent Publications:
  • A queueing model for the capacity planning of a multi-phase human services process (2015) more
  • The intercept term of the asymptotic variance curve for some queueing output processes (2015) more
  • A multi-class multi-server accumulating priority queue with application to health care (2014) more
  • Renfrey Burnard Potts 1925-2005 (2014) more
  • Waiting time distributions in the accumulating priority queue (2014) more

Selected Publications

Current Postgraduate Supervision:
Peter BRAUNSTEINS "Coupling in Stochastic Modelling"
Jonathan BUDD "Modelling and Simulation of Credit Card Behaviour"
Ellen MUIR "Hypergeometric Distributions and Efficient Dynamic Market Clearing"
Nicholas READ "Bush Escalation Probabilities in the Victorian Landscape"
Kate SAUNDERS "Spatial and Temporal Statistical Modelling of Extreme Rainfall in Australia."
Shrupa SHAH "Understanding the contribution of space on the spread of Influenza using an Individual-based model approach"
Jason M WHYTE "Global a priori identifiability of biomolecular interaction models in flow-cell optical biosensor experiments"
Past Postgraduate Supervision:
Paul KEELER "Stochastic routing models in sensor networks"
Alana MOORE "Managing bilological populations in the interface of uncertainty"
Allan MOTYER "Quasi-birth-and-death processes with an infinite phase space"
Ana NOVAK "Queuing problems in active probing: an application to a single hop network"
Maya RAMAKRISHNAN "Distributed approaches to capacity reallocation in networks"
Yacov SALOMON "Re-examining fundamental concepts and assumptions in conservation and management using mathematical theories of probability"
James ZHAO "Hidden Markov models with multiple observation processes"
Past MSc Students:
Jennifer KUSUMA "Decomposition Approach to Serial Inventory Systems under Uncertainties"
Jonathan BUDD
James ZHAO "Hidden Markov Models"
Auron SEIKEN "The Branch-and-Cut Methodology for Mixed Integer Programming"
Daphne DO "Formulating and Modelling Robust Decision-Making Problems Under Severe Uncertainty"
Nikki SONENBERG "Building Stochastic Models of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
Giles David ADAMS
Ellen MUIR
Jinghan XIA
Ashwani KUMAR
Recent Grant History:
Year(s) Source Type Title
2013 - 2018 ARC ARC Laureate Fellowship New stochastic models for Science, Economics, Social Science and Engineering (Laureate 080069)
2011 - 2013 ARC Discovery New methods for improving active adaptive management in biological systems
2011 - 2013 ARC Discovery Advanced matrix-analytic methods with applications
2003 - 2010 ARC Centre Of Excellence ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems
2003 - 2007 ARC Discovery Modelling Measurement and Control of the Internet
2003 - 2006 ARC Linkage Modeling Patient flows through hospitals: optimizing effective use of resources
2003 - 2005 ARC Linkage Using Mathematics to Maximize the Value of Open-Pit Mines
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ACEMS Director
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Strategic Planning Committee