Associate Professor GRAHAM HEPWORTH

Statistical Consultant - Statistical Consulting Centre / Associate Professor
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Research Groups:
  • Statistics
Recent Publications:
  • Approximate bias of the estimated proportion in group testing (2017) more
  • Revisiting retesting in the estimation of proportions by group testing (2017) more
  • Nitrate supplementation has marginal effects on enteric methane production from Bos indicus steers fed Flinders grass (Iseilema spp.) hay, but elevates blood methaemoglobin concentrations (2016) more
  • Can EEG differentiate among syndromes in genetic generalized epilepsy? (2016) more
  • The effect of feeding frequency and dose rate of nitrate supplements on blood haemoglobin fractions in Bos indicus cattle fed Flinders grass (Iseilemia spp.) hay (2016) more

Selected Publications

Past Postgraduate Supervision:
Konstantine DRES "Interval estimation for Discrete data."
Natalie KARAVARSAMIS "Methods for estimating occupancy"
Past MSc Students:
Deputy Director of the Statistical Consulting Centre