Associate Professor Andrew ROBINSON

Position: Associate Professor/Reader
Room: 306 OGS
Ext. Number: 46410
Research Group:- Statistics
Interests: - Applied statistics
- Sampling Theory
- Environmental and Ecological Statistics
- Forest Biometrics
- Mixed-Effects Models
- Model Validation

Recent Publications:

  • A new method for measuring stand sapwood area in forests (2015) more
  • Ad hoc solutions to estimating pathway non compliance rates using imperfect and incomplete data. (2015) more
  • Animal, Vegetable, or . . . ? A case study in using animal-health monitoring tools to solve a plant-health surveillance problem. (2015) more
  • Contested and common ground: Geography and history at the limits of the early Islamic conquests (2014) more
  • Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R, Second Edition (2014) more

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Current Postgraduate Supervision:

Nayomi Sandarekha ATTANAYAKE
Gayan Hetti Arachchige Sameera DHARMARATHNE

Past Postgraduate Supervision:

Farshid JAMSHIDI "Problems in nonparametric curve estimation"
Natalie KARAVARSAMIS "Spatial Sampling Poblems in Biosecurity."
Stephen LANE "Non-parametric estimation and prediction of tree size class distributions."
David LAZARIDIS "L\(q\)-Norm Shrinkage Regression"

Current MSc Students:


Past MSc Students:

Stephen LANE "Generalized Estimating Equations for Pedigree Analysis"
Hannah CAPES
David LAZARIDIS "Shrinkage Regression"

Recent Grant History:

Year(s) Source Type Title
2009 - 2013 ARC Discovery Inverse and related problems in statistics
2011 - 2013 ARC Discovery New models for effective surveillance
2007 - 2009 ARC Discovery Statistical Analysis of Some Partially Observed Processes Arising in Ecological Research
2006 The University of Melbourne SCIMET L: A Kinder, Gentler Interface for R
2006 The University of Melbourne Melbourne Early Career Researcher (ECR) Critical Period Analysis using Segmented Regression and Maximum Likelihood


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