Associate Professor JOHN GROVES

Principal Fellow (Associate)
Ext. Number:
Recent Publications:
  • Fitting quotients of finitely presented abelian-by-nilpotent groups (2013) more
  • Soluble groups with a finiteness condition arising from Bredon cohomology (2012) more
  • Subdirect products of finitely presented metabelian groups (2012) more
  • Nilpotent-by-abelian Lie algebras of type FPm (2010) more
  • Abelian-by-polycyclic groups of homological type FP3 (2008) more

Selected Publications

Past Postgraduate Supervision:
Sze-Yu CHEN "Non-commutative tropical geometry"
Ashish GUPTA "Irreducible representations of some classes of quantum laurent polynomials"
Past MSc Students:
Leigh HUMPHRIES "Finite Presentations of Pro-p and Discrete Groups"
Nicholas DAVIS "The structure of Tropical Varieties"
Max FLANDER "Non-Archimedean analysis and its applications in tropical geometry"
Matthew KOTROS "Tropical Geometry"