Associate Professor DEBORAH KING

Coordinator of Learning and Teaching Innovation
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Recent Publications:
  • Building a Network and Finding a Community of Practice for Undergraduate Mathematics Lecturers (2017) more
  • Building Leadership Capacity in University First Year Learning and Teaching in the Mathematical Sciences (2015) more
  • The impact of assumed knowledge entry standards on undergraduate mathematics teaching in Australia (2015) more
  • Undergraduate Mathematics Students’ Pronumeral Misconceptions (2014) more
  • Undergraduate Mathematics Students’ Understanding of the Concept of Function (2014) more

Selected Publications

Subject(s) Currently Teaching:
MAST10005 (620-154) Calculus 1 (Semester 1, 2017)
Assessment Coordinator
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Course advisors - Lower Undergraduate
Credit Evaluation (all)
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Faculty Undergraduate Programs Committee
Mathematics Shepherd for Trinity College Foundation Studies
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