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Recent Publications:
  • Is cell migration or proliferation dominant in the formation of linear arrays of oligodendrocytes? (2016) more
  • Evidence for Cooperative Selection of Axons for Myelination by Adjacent Oligodendrocytes in the Optic Nerve (2016) more
  • Incomplete penetrance: The role of stochasticity in developmental cell colonization (2015) more
  • Length-based connectivity metrics and their ecological interpretation (2015) more
  • When push comes to shove: Exclusion processes with nonlocal consequences (2015) more

Selected Publications

Extra Information:
I am an applied mathematician committed to cross-disciplinary research. I have applied my mathematical modelling expertise to industrial, environmental and biological problems. I like the challenge of working with people from other disciplines.

In the area of mathematical biology, my interest is in the mechanistic understanding of the various phenomena in biology - this extends from a cellular level, or groups of cells, such as multi-cell spheroids, towards a tissue level. One of the great scientific challenges is to understand the mechanisms of cell migration and cell-cell interactions. Mathematical modelling can provide testable hypotheses for experiments and resolve counter-intuitive results.

One of my current projects is in collaboration with embryologists. It focuses on mathematically modelling the development of the nervous system in the gut, and involves cell migration on an underlying growing tissue. Another project is in the field of tissue engineering, modelling vascularisation and cell migration within an engineered scaffold.

I am member of an ARC Special Research Centre with Chemical Engineering and Chemistry - Particulate Fluids Processing Centre (PFPC) . We have developed models for consolidation and filtration of suspensions to improve mineral processing.

I have worked on all sorts of things e.g. changes in red blood cell shapes, tumour growth, transport of radon gas into houses, drying of porous materials like bricks, windscreen wiper design, and the cooking of cereal grains for breakfast cereal manufacture.

For several years, I was the Director of the Mathematics-in-Industry Study Group (MISG). Much of my time was spent marketing and communicating the power and versatility of mathematics to business and industry and the wider community. Each year, eight industrial projects were presented at a problem-solving workshop, with lively brainstorming sessions between 150 mathematicians and students and industry representatives.
Past Postgraduate Supervision:
James CAFFREY "Mathematical modelling of layering in nature"
Anna Q CAI "Mathematical modelling of cell populations in experimental systems: migration, proliferation and differentiation"
Rebecca CHISHOLM "Mathematical modelling of cell migration and biological systems driven by cell proliferation"
Stephen GILMORE "Mathematical approaches to the problem of pattern formation in dermatology: unifying hypothesis"
Benjamin LANSDELL "Numerical models of the Wnt cell-signaling pathway"
Catherine PENINGTON "Modelling cell movement in multicellular systems"
Jennifer L SLATER "Growing network models with an application to neurogenesis"
Amy SULLIVAN "Chemical signals in interneuron migration: modelling repulsion and inhibition"
Abbey J TREWENACK "Reaction-diffusion models for dispersing and settling populations in biology"
Past MSc Students:
Bruce RIDING "Plant Spread from a Single Source"
Kaushik BHAGANAGARAPU "Modelling interacting cell populations"
Rebecca CHISHOLM "Cell Proliferation in a Scaffold"
Daniel MENTIPLAY "T Cell Development in the Thymus Modelling Cell Migration"
Madeleine HUGGINS
Christopher BAKER
Alexander ZAREBSKI
Recent Grant History:
Year(s) Source Type Title
2014 - 2016 ARC Discovery Building macroscale models from microscale probabilistic models (080075)
2011 - 2013 ARC Discovery From single cell to collective cell migration in multicellular systems: mathematical and computational modelling of real biological systems
2008 - 2012 ARC Discovery Mathematical modelling in developmental biology
2006 - 2009 ARC Discovery Multi-scale modeling of cell migration in developmental biology
2007 - 2009 NHRMC NHMRC Project Biomathematical analysis of cell invasion: migration of neural crest cells to form the enteric nervous system
2005 - 2007 ARC Discovery Mastering Microenvironment - Integrated, functional, biosynthetic scaffolds for tissue engineering
2005 - 2007 ARC Special Research Centre SRC Particulate Fluids Processing Centre
2003 - 2005 NHRMC NHMRC Project Biological and mathematical studies of development of the enteric nervous system