Fellow (Associate)
Research Groups:
Recent Publications:
  • Operads of moduli spaces of points in C (2013) more
  • Configuration spaces in topology and geometry (2011) more
  • The symplectic Verlinde algebras and string K-theory (2010) more
  • Equivariant operads, string topology, and Tate cohomology (2008) more
  • String topology prospectra and Hochschild cohomology (2008) more

Selected Publications

Past Postgraduate Supervision:
Natalie AISBETT "Reflection Graphs"
Jeffrey BAILES "Homological stability for subgroups of the Braid group"
Drew HEARD "Topological Methods in Arithmetic Geometry"
Omar Enrique ORTIZ BRANCO "Homogenous Spaces of p-Compact Groups"
Trithang TRAN "A configuration of homological stability results"
Recent Grant History:
Year(s) Source Type Title
2010 - 2014 ARC Future Fellow Topology through applications: geometry, number theory, and physics
2010 - 2012 ARC Discovery Homotopy theory: interactions with representation theory and moduli spaces