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UMEP - University of Melbourne Extension Program (Mathematics)
This subject is designed for students who enjoy mathematics and are mathematically talented. If you are such a student you may have already been involved in an acceleration or enrichment program during your earlier secondary school program, though this is not necessary. Topics build on those in Specialist Mathematics and thus they provide you with the opportunity to extend your knowledge, as well as to experience and appreciate some of the depth and complex beauty of higher level mathematics. Prospective students should visit the UMEP web site to find out more about this option.

Other Programs

Mathematical Olympiad
The School assists with education and enrichment for potential participants.
For information about the Maths Olympiad see and for information about the education and enrichment contact

International Maths Olympiad News Article

University of Melbourne School Mathematics Competition
This is open to all secondary school students. It is of a demanding standard, designed to identify mathematical talent.

Schools Maths Olympics
Run every year on the University's Open Day in August, this team event gives you the opportunity to compete against other schools.

Maths Fair
Run in June of even numbered years, this one day event provides VCE students with the opportunity to enter the MIT Challenge; to compete in a real world problem solving competition; to find out more about Maths and Stats career opportunities. For more information, please contact