LaTeX or Zen and the Art of Scientific Manuscript Production

Below are the transparencies and useful web links from this talk:

The new version of the talk in 'beamer' class is here in pdf format

My old talk in the 'seminar' class: The slides to this version are available in dvi format, postscript, LaTeX source and pdf

The simple LaTeX file is located simple-article.tex

While a more extended version is available talk-article.tex. Also need picture.eps

You will need the associated my-bibliographic-database.bib if you are to successfully compile these

Leslie Lamport's small2e.tex and sample2e.tex are also available

Local links:

The local LaTeX information site is located at

There is a wealth of information on this local site

In particular,there are two manuals describing the LaTeX language itself, which may at a pinch substitute for a book, a concise manual entitled Essential LaTeX an a fuller "not so short" Introduction to LaTeX2e

Outside links:

TeXshop (LaTeX and nice frontend for Mac OS X)

The LaTeX home page

CTAN catalogue