Selected Masters / Honours Theses

The theses available on these pages received marks of 80+.

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Name Type Completion Year Research Area Title Download
Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics The Dynamics of High-Frequency Nanoelectromechanical Resonators in Fluid PDF
Giles ADAMS MSc RT 2013 Operations Research Selfish Networks. Variational Inequalities and the Traffic Equilibrium Problem. PDF
Axel ALMET MSc RT 2015 Applied Mathematics Multiscale Modelling of Intestinal Crypt Fission PDF
Carol BADRE MSc RT 2014 Pure Mathemetics Links, Symmetry and Groups PDF
Jeffrey BAILES MSc RT 2011 Pure Mathemetics Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics and the Cohomology of the Braid Group PDF
Christopher BAKER MSc RT 2012 Applied Mathematics Random Walks in Random Environments with Local Dynamic Interactions PDF
Matthew BAULCH Honours 2010 Pure Mathemetics Metric Properties of Automata and Formal Languages PDF
Katie BOWLES MSc RT 2014 Pure Mathemetics Product Structure of Bott-Samelson Classes of Type G2 PDF
Jonathan BRAILEY Honours 2008 Stochastic Processes No-arbitrage Positive Interest Rate Models PDF
Peter BRAUNSTEINS MSc RT 2013 Operations Research Valuing Capacity in Queueing Systems PDF
Peter BROOKES Honours 2009 Applied Mathematics Lattice Boltzmann in the Finite Knudsen Number Flow Regime PDF
John BROWN MSc RT 2015 Operations Research Lot Sizing and Production Scheduling in Medium Sized Foundries Operating Multiple Furnaces PDF
Kamil BULINSKI MSc RT 2013 Pure Mathemetics Cube Complexes and the Virtual Haken Conjecture PDF
Hannah CAPES Honours 2009 Statistics The allometric quarter{power scaling model and its applicability to grand r and eucalyptus trees PDF
Bevan CHEESEMAN MSc RT 2012 Applied Mathematics Cell Motility: A probabilistic modelling framework for single cell movement with explicit extracellular matrix modelling PDF
Yuanzhou CHEN Honours 2009 Stochastic Processes A Perturbed Risk Process Model PDF
Zeying CHEN MSc RT 2015 Discrete Mathematics Solitons: Representations and Classifcations PDF
Dr. Rebecca CHISHOLM Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Cell Proliferation in a Scaffold PDF
Sam CHOW Honours 2011 Pure Mathemetics An Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory, and the Class Number Formula PDF
Matt COLLINS Honours 2011 Pure Mathemetics Representations of Heisenberg Groups PDF
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