Selected Masters / Honours Theses

The theses available on these pages received marks of 80+.

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Name Type Completion Year Research Area Title Download
Matthew BAULCH Honours 2010 Pure Mathemetics Metric Properties of Automata and Formal Languages PDF
Dr. Trithang TRAN Honours 2010 Pure Mathemetics Mapping Class Groups PDF
Narthana EPA Honours 2010 Pure Mathemetics Construction of Platonic 2-Groups PDF
Dr. Han Liang GAN Honours 2010 Statistics Modelling Australian Spot Electricity Prices PDF
Cynthia Lui RUIJIE Honours 2010 Statistics Comparison of Statistical Models for Genotype calling algorithms PDF
Calvin LIM Honours 2010 Operations Research Optimisation Models for a Financial Portfolio Problem PDF
Rami TABBARA Honours 2010 Discrete Mathematics A generalised model of a semi- exible polymer at an adsorbing wall PDF
Pongphat TAPTAGAPORN Honours 2010 Discrete Mathematics Communication Algorithms in the Gaussian and EJ networks PDF
Madeleine HUGGINS Honours 2010 Applied Mathematics Blind and Myopic Interacting Random Walkers PDF
Michael NEESON Honours 2010 Applied Mathematics Micro uidic Beam Resonators PDF
Dr. Daniel LADIGES Honours 2010 Applied Mathematics Re-Entry Vehicle Stability in Free Molecular and Transitional Regimes PDF
Sebastian PUCILOWSKI Honours 2010 Applied Mathematics Building blocks for the self-assembly of granular materials in three-dimensions PDF
Jonathan BRAILEY Honours 2008 Stochastic Processes No-arbitrage Positive Interest Rate Models PDF
Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics The Dynamics of High-Frequency Nanoelectromechanical Resonators in Fluid PDF
Dr. Rebecca CHISHOLM Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Cell Proliferation in a Scaffold PDF
Michael COUCH Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Hamiltonian Mechanics and Integrable Dynamical Systems PDF
Daphne DO Honours 2008 Operations Research Formulating and Modelling Robust Decision-Making Problems Under Severe Uncertainty PDF
Sam HART Honours 2008 Pure Mathemetics Circle Packing and its Applications PDF
Laura HATTAM Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Applications of Character Polynomials to Combinatorics, Integrable Models and Random Matrices PDF
Dr. Yi HUANG Honours 2008 Pure Mathemetics Moduli Spaces and Weil-Petersson Volumes PDF
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