Selected Masters / Honours Theses

The theses available on these pages received marks of 80+.

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Name Type Completion Year Research Area Title Download
John FOXCROFT MSc RT 2013 Discrete Mathematics A comparative study of the Cellular Automata, Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process, and Two-Bin traffic models PDF
Emma THOMAS MSc RT 2014 Statistics A discrete-time stochastic model for partially-observed in uenza epidemics PDF
Rami TABBARA Honours 2010 Discrete Mathematics A generalised model of a semi- exible polymer at an adsorbing wall PDF
Yuanzhou CHEN Honours 2009 Stochastic Processes A Perturbed Risk Process Model PDF
Charity JENKINS Honours 2009 Operations Research A Ship Routing Problem with Hold and Draft Constraints PDF
Nicholas READ MSc RT 2013 Stochastic Processes A Stochastic Model for MRSA in a Hospital Ward PDF
Patrick NICOLL MSc RT 2015 Pure Mathemetics A Unifed Theory of Central Extensions PDF
Robert SAYER MSc RT 2014 Pure Mathemetics Abelian Varieties and Modular Forms on Symplectic Groups PDF
Davis MCCARTHY Honours 2009 Statistics Accounting for biological variation in digital gene expression experiments PDF
William MOORE MSc RT 2013 Discrete Mathematics Alternative Tableaux and the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process PDF
Nicholas STEVENSON Honours 2009 Pure Mathemetics An Application of the Borel-Weil Theorem PDF
James OATES MSc RT 2012 Stochastic Processes An Exposition of Extremal Processes PDF
Sam CHOW Honours 2011 Pure Mathemetics An Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory, and the Class Number Formula PDF
Brendan VAN ROOYEN MSc RT 2012 Pure Mathemetics An Introduction to Information Geometry PDF
Martin PIKE MSc RT 2012 Pure Mathemetics An introduction to information geometry and its applications in statistics PDF
Lachlan MCINTOSH MSc RT 2015 Statistics An Investigation of Intra Tumor Heterogeneity PDF
Laura HATTAM Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Applications of Character Polynomials to Combinatorics, Integrable Models and Random Matrices PDF
Richard NEILSEN Honours 2008 Pure Mathemetics Bass-Serre Theory and the Isomorphism Problem PDF
Elena TARTAGLIA MSc RT 2012 Mathemetical Physics Birman-Wenzl-Murakami Algebra and Logarithmic Superconformal Minimal Models PDF
Madeleine HUGGINS Honours 2010 Applied Mathematics Blind and Myopic Interacting Random Walkers PDF
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