Selected Masters / Honours Theses

The theses available on these pages received marks of 80+.

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Name Type Completion Year Research Area Title Download
Jonathan BRAILEY Honours 2008 Stochastic Processes No-arbitrage Positive Interest Rate Models PDF
Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics The Dynamics of High-Frequency Nanoelectromechanical Resonators in Fluid PDF
Dr. Rebecca CHISHOLM Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Cell Proliferation in a Scaffold PDF
Michael COUCH Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Hamiltonian Mechanics and Integrable Dynamical Systems PDF
Daphne DO Honours 2008 Operations Research Formulating and Modelling Robust Decision-Making Problems Under Severe Uncertainty PDF
Sam HART Honours 2008 Pure Mathemetics Circle Packing and its Applications PDF
Laura HATTAM Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Applications of Character Polynomials to Combinatorics, Integrable Models and Random Matrices PDF
Dr. Yi HUANG Honours 2008 Pure Mathemetics Moduli Spaces and Weil-Petersson Volumes PDF
Benjamin LANSDELL Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Computational gene prediction using generalised hidden Markov models and tiling arrays PDF
David LAZARIDIS Honours 2008 Statistics Lq-Norm Shrinkage Regression and Application PDF
Daniel MENTIPLAY Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics T CELL DEVELOPMENT IN THE THYMUS PDF
Jason NASSIOS Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Kinetic Theory and the BGK equation: Gas Dynamics for the Nanoscale PDF
Richard NEILSEN Honours 2008 Pure Mathemetics Bass-Serre Theory and the Isomorphism Problem PDF
Timothy RICE Honours 2008 Stochastic Processes Branching Processes in Epidemiology PDF
James SAUNDERSON Honours 2008 Pure Mathemetics Mostow's Rigidity Theorem PDF
Tharatorn SUPASITI Honours 2008 Pure Mathemetics Serreā€™s Tree For SL2(F) PDF
James WOODCOCK Honours 2008 Applied Mathematics Mortal Polygamous Networks PDF
Hannah CAPES Honours 2009 Statistics The allometric quarter{power scaling model and its applicability to grand r and eucalyptus trees PDF
Charity JENKINS Honours 2009 Operations Research A Ship Routing Problem with Hold and Draft Constraints PDF
Adam KOWALEWSKI Honours 2009 Stochastic Processes Variance-gamma-like models satisfying the geometric Brownian motion with fractal activity time hypothesis PDF
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