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Dan Boulton, graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours), majoring in operations research. Pictured in his former role as Victorian Regional Manager for Operations at Carlton and United Beverages.

Welcome to the alumni web page, for Mathematics & Statistics graduates. This site along with its bi-annual newsletter, aims to encourage the development of valuable professional and personal networks by fostering alumni.

Membership of the School's alumni is automatic for students graduating with Masters in Mathematics or Statistics or completing Postgraduate studies in Mathematics or Statistics.


As an Alumni member, you will now have received your December edition of 'Alumni and Friends' Newsletter either by mail or email.

To update your contact details, please contact The University of Melbourne Alumni Office via their website: or email Ben at The School of Mathematics and Statistics

What our students are doing

We have had many successful graduates go on to persue a wide variety of careers. You can view these student career profiles at

Graduate Surveys

For several years now we have run a biennial graduate survey to gather information for our careers website at
Career profiles are a vital resource and inspiration for students both current and prospective.

If you would like to help the School by providing a short summary of your career, download the graduate survey here and send it to:

Ben Hess
School of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Melbourne, 3010,

You may also like to volunteer some time to give a short talk to students about your career path at one of our career fairs or events.

We love to hear new ideas and find out what activities our alumni graduates would like to be involved in, so please feel free to offer us your suggestions for Maths & Stats alumni activities or services.

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