Further Information

Author's Affiliation

For the collection of 2003 Research Publications DEST have reinstated the following guideline.

Institutional affiliation must be identified either:

Where a publication shows that an author has affiliation to more than one institution (eg Janet Harvey, Tutor in Economics, University of X; PhD student, University of Y), each Australian university named in that by-line can claim the publication at full value.

Adjunct fellows, honorary staff members and staff on leave are considered affiliated with a university if the university is identified in the by-line.

An Author affiliation statement satisfying the DEST requirement is available for you to download (see Attachment 5: Author's Affiliation Certificate)

Key Characteristics of Research Publications

For the purposes of this collection, a "research publication" is characterised by: Each research publication can only be counted once. If, for example, a conference paper is published in conference proceedings and is subsequently included as a chapter in a book, it can be counted as a chapter or as a conference paper but not both.

DEST Definition of Research Activity

For the purposes of this collection, the essential characteristic of research activity is that it leads to publicly verifiable outcomes which are open to peer appraisal.

Research and experimental development comprises:

Research includes pure basic research, strategic basic research, applied research and experimental development

Activities that support research and therefore meet the definition of research include: