Research Groups

Stochastic Processes

The Stochastic Processes Group in the Department works in the area of probability theory - a branch of mathematics providing means for modeling uncertainty. The latter is a characteristic feature of the behaviour of most complex systems - e.g. living organisms, large populations of individuals of some kind (molecules, cells, stars or even students), financial markets, systems of seismic faults etc.... more


Continuing Staff:

Professor Kostya BOROVKOV (Professor)
Dr Robert MAILLARDET (Tutor)
Dr Nathan ROSS (Senior Lecturer)
Professor Aihua XIA (Professor / Deputy Head of School)

Research Fellows:

Professor Peter TAYLOR (Professor / Australian Laureate Fellow)


Lucia KRALOVA (University of Technology Sydney)
Prof. Guy LATOUCHE (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
Patrick LAUB (University of Queensland)
Prof. Michael MANDJES (University of Amsterdam (UvA) )



Peter BRAUNSTEINS Coupling in Stochastic Modelling
Jason LEUNG Topics in nonparametric function estimation
Yuqing PAN Boundary crossing problem of different types of Random processes Hitting Remote Sets.
Nicholas READ Bush Escalation Probabilities in the Victorian Landscape
Kate SAUNDERS Spatial and Temporal Statistical Modelling of Extreme Rainfall in Australia.
Shrupa SHAH Understanding the contribution of space on the spread of Influenza using an Individual-based model approach
Xuan (Kevin) VO Convergence of instantaneous markov processes

Masters (RT):