Research Groups

Algebra, Number Theory & Representations

Algebra is the study of symmetries and structures that model symmetries. Number theory is the study of the integers and number systems that have properties like the integers. These come together in Representation theory, which is the art of representing algebraic structures as matrices.


Continuing Staff:

Professor Jan DE GIER (Professor / Head of School)
Dr Nora GANTER (Senior Lecturer)
Dr Alex GHITZA (Senior Lecturer)
Professor Christian HAESEMEYER (Professor)
Dr Daniel MURFET (Lecturer)
Dr Thomas QUELLA (Senior Lecturer)
Professor Arun RAM (Professor)
Dr Lawrence REEVES (Senior Lecturer)
Dr David RIDOUT (Senior Lecturer)
Dr Marcy ROBERTSON (Lecturer)


A/Prof. Benjamin BURTON (The University of Queensland)
Dr. Stephen DOTY (Loyola University)
Herbert HUPPERT (University of Cambridge)
Dr. Sangjib KIM (The University of Queesland)
Dr. David MCGADY (University of Copenhagen)



Zeying CHEN
Narthana EPA Platonic - 2 Groups
John FOXCROFT Combinatorial Enumeration and the Bethe Auzats.
Tianshu LIU
Steve SIU
Matthew SPONG
James WITHERS Explicit computations of Hecke module structure of modular forms
Jon Yue Zhang XU Chevalley Groups, Schubert Varieties and Finite Geometry

Masters (RT):