Research Groups

Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics Group has broad interests across the fields of colloid science, medicine, chemical engineering and materials processing. We often work on problems regarding the transport of materials, cells or molecules.

Many of these problems arise from interaction with experimentalists, engineers, and industry partners, such as found in the Particulate Fluids Processing Centre,... more


Continuing Staff:

Associate Professor Steven CARNIE (Associate Professor)
Professor Edmund CRAMPIN (Professor)
Dr Jennifer FLEGG (Senior Lecturer)
Professor Barry HUGHES (Professor)
Associate Professor James MCCAW (Coordinator of Masters Computational Biology / Associate Professor)
Dr James OSBORNE (Senior Lecturer)
Professor John SADER (Professor)
Professor Antoinette TORDESILLAS (Professor)

Research Fellows:

Professor Kate SMITH-MILES (Professor / Australian Laureate Fellow)



Jesse COLLIS Asymptotics of the Boltzmann equation for hard spheres with applications to NEMS devices
Hilary HUNT
Sanath KAHAGALAGE An Optimal Control approach to medlling propulsion dynamics in fully submerged granular media environments
Tiffany (Ngo Nam) LEUNG Dynamical properties of disease transmission models with seasonal forcing, immune boosting and vaccination
Michael LYDEAMORE Investigating the spread of Group A Strepococcus disease using multi-strain bacterial population dynamics models.
Sebastian PUCILOWSKI Modelling confined comminution processes in mineral exploration
Naijian (Eric) SHEN
Joost Herman VAN DER LINDEN Pore Scale Characterisation of Geomaterials
Ada YAN Multiscale modelling of influenza epidemics
Alexander ZAREBSKI Influenza modelling with applications in forecasting.

Masters (RT):