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PhD Seminar: Bubbles, drops and the physics of their collisions

NOT held in Russell Love Theatre

by Ofer Manor

Institution: Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne
Date: Tue 23rd February 2010
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Engineering C2 Theatre, Civil Engineering Building

Abstract: During the course of my thesis, we studied bubbles and drops subject to surface-active species, internal flow, electrical double layers and polymeric brushes. In particular, we investigated the drainage of the thin intervening film during collisions of particles at close proximity. This is considered as the rate determining stage during drops coalescence and the rate determining stage during the attachment of bubbles to solids. I will present the two main projects that were undertaken during my PhD course: The influence of surface-active species on a collision between a bubble and a solid and the influence of polymeric brushes on a collision between drops. In both we have contributed to existing theory in order to analyse AFM experimental data.

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