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Colloquium: Surgery on knots in a Surface x Interval


by Professor Abigail Thompson

Institution: University Of California Davis
Date: Tue 11th May 2010
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Russell Love Theatre, Richard Berry Bldg, The Uni of Melb

Abstract: Given a knot K in a 3-dimensional space, one can remove a neighborhood N
of K and then reinsert N in a non-trivial way, resulting in a new space.
This is "surgery" on K, and is a basic topic of study in 3-manifolds. We
examine surgery on knots in 3-manifolds that have a natural product
structure, and relate it to manifolds that can (or cannot) be obtained by
surgery on 2-component links in the 3-sphere. This work is joint with M.

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