School Seminars and Colloquia

DSTO fellowship "Network Dynamics Investigations in the Presence of Uncertainty"

Complex Systems Seminar

by Dr Miro Kraetzl

Institution: Head, Communications Analysis Group, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division, DSTO Edinburgh
Date: Wed 15th June 2005
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: Theatre 3, 2nd Floor, ICT Building (111 Barry St, Carlton)

Abstract: DSTO is in a position of offering one postdoctoral research fellowship to
an Australian university for a support of the project entitled "Network
Dynamics Investigations in the Presence of Uncertainty". The mission of
this Fellowship Program is to establish long-term relationships and
mentoring of postdoctoral researchers and to provide Australian research
institutions with an understanding of the Intelligence Community's
specific research requirements. The program fosters partnerships with
postdoctoral researchers as they move into career positions and provide
innovative solutions to critical problems. The most important research
requirements of this fellowship are the following:

* Application of existing algorithms and techniques for generic network
analysis (like graph matching techniques, matching sequences of graphs,
graph similarity measures, anomalous change detection, etc) in the
presence of noisy network data, uncertainty and ambiguity;

* Application of known and novel statistical techniques for incomplete
information analysis, statistical inferencing, information geometry and
machine learning for fusion of information obtained from multivariate time
series of dynamic networks;

* Development of strategies for optimal collection of information from
dynamic networks in spatio-temporal domain in the presence of uncertainty;

* Exploring optimal ways of producing time series of graphs out of massive
databases of dynamic network data.

This fellowship will be sponsored and supervised by the Communications
Analysis Group of the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Division. The fellowship will be:

* For a basic period of one year (funded incrementally), with a potential
option for a second and third year; and

* For the amount of $120,000 per year.

The fellowship will be restricted to Australian citizens only. The
anticipated start date of research is August 2005.

For More Information: Emma Lockwood tel: 8344-1617 email: