School Seminars and Colloquia

Applied Stochastic Geometry

Stochastic Processes Seminar

by Joe Yukich

Institution: Lehigh University
Date: Fri 15th March 2013
Time: 3:15 PM
Location: Podium 207, David Caro building

Abstract: This 6 hour mini-course surveys an active area of research lying at the interface of spatial statistics, random graphs, and discrete stochastic geometry. The main focus is on the applications of tools and methods in discrete stochastic geometry to various concrete applied problems. Tools and methods include subadditivity, stabilization, and the objective method. Applied problems of interest include (i) establishing the limit theory of functionals of random geometric graphs (ii) estimating volumes and surface areas of an unknown target (iii) estimating intrinsic dimension of a random data set (iv) finding the number of extreme points in a random sample. The lectures assume only a working knowledge of basic probability theory.

For More Information: This short course will run for 6 lectures. The other 4 lectures will be on 19/03 and 26/03