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Multiple Criteria Optimization Approaches to Data Mining Techniques and Its Applications

Operations Research/Data Mining Seminar

by Professor Yong Shi

Institution: Director, Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center on Data Technology & Knowledge Economy
Date: Mon 13th February 2006
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Room 213, Richard Berry Building, The University of Melbourne

Abstract: This talk presents a comprehensive view regarding multiple criteria
optimization approaches to data mining. Traditionally, researchers have
studied various methods by using linear programming (LP) to solve
discriminent problems with a small sample size of data. These methods can
be considered as LP approach to classification in data mining. Recently,
the author and his colleagues extend such a research idea into
classification via multiple criteria linear programming (MCLP) and
multiple criteria quadratic programming (MCQP). This new approach has been
tested by several large real-life databases and has outperformed some know
data mining models. The tutorial will first outline the development of LP,
MCLP and MCQP techniques. Then, it will focus on the development of
various multiple criteria optimization based data mining techniques and
algorithms. Finally, it will show the applications of this approach in the
real-life credit card risk management decisions, information intrusion,
bioinformatics, and geological and petroleum engineering.


Professor Shi is the director of Chinese Academy of Sciences Research
Center on Data Technology & Knowledge Economy, President's Assistant of
the graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He had been the
Charles W. and Margre H. Durham Distinguished Professor of Information
Technology, College of Information Science and Technology, University of
Nebraska at Omaha in 1999-2004. Dr. Shi's research interests covers data
mining, information overload, multiple criteria decision making and
telecommunication management. He has published seven books and more than
sixty papers in various journals He is the Editor-in-Chief of
International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making (SCI)
and an Area Editor of International Journal of Operations and Quantitative
Management. Dr. Shi has received many distinguished awards including
Outstanding Young Scientist Award, National Natural Science Foundation of
China, 2001; Member of Overseas Assessor for the Chinese Academy of
Sciences, May 2000; and Speaker of Distinguished Visitors Program (DVP)
for 1997-2000, IEEE Computer Society. He has consulted in a number of
famous companies.

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