School Seminars and Colloquia

Fully Nonlinear Simulations of Rogue Waves in Three Dimensions, and Comparison with Experiments using Particle Image Velocimetry

AMSI Seminar

by Professor John Grue

Institution: Dept of Mathematics, University of Oslo
Date: Thu 7th December 2006
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: AMSI Seminar Room, Ground Floor ICT Building, 111 Barry St

Abstract: A fast, fully nonlinear method for wave computations in three dimensions is outlined, and used to simulate the evolution of highly nonlinear wave fields of large spatial extent over long time windows. The field equation is inverted by the use of Fourier transform. Extensive use of FFT is used in ths implementation. Numerical simulations of rogue waves similar to the Camille and Draupner waves are performed. Large events resulting from different initial conditions are examined. The computational waves are compared to experimental waves. A velocity scaling leads to a collapse of the computed and measured velocities. The computational and experimental results are useful to predict the wave induced velocities and accelerations of events like the Camille and Draupner waves. The method is also useful to perform fully resolved simulations of tsunamis, and is under extension to wave-body interaction.

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