School Seminars and Colloquia

Simulated annealing of heavy-tailed jump-diffusions


by Ilya Pavlyukevich

Institution: Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin
Date: Fri 28th March 2008
Time: 3:15 PM
Location: Theatre 3, ICT Bldg Rm:205-Flr2, 11 Barry St, Carlton

Abstract: We consider a one dimensional dynamical system driven by a vector field -U', where U is a multi-well potential satisfying some regularity conditions. We perturb this dynamical system by a stable symmetric non-Gaussian L'evy process whose scale parameter decreases as a power function of time. It turns out that the limiting behaviour of the perturbed dynamical system is different for slow and fast decrease rates of the noise intensity. As opposed to the well-studied Gaussian case, the limiting probability is not concentrated in the global minimum of U.
Finally, we discuss simulated annealing of jump processes with a
non-constant stability index and consider applications to non-local random search and stochastic optimisation.

For More Information: Kostantin Borovkov