School Seminars and Colloquia

The Klein Project, A Living and Connected View of Mathematics for Teachers An IMU/ICMI Collaboration

AMSI Seminar

by Bill Barton

Institution: The University of Auckland
Date: Fri 1st August 2008
Time: 3:30 PM
Location: AMSI Seminar Room, 111 Barry Street, University of Melb

Abstract: Felix Klein's lectures on mathematics for secondary teachers were first published in 1908. They challenged both teachers and mathematicians to consider the relationship between learning mathematics and the nature of disciplinary mathematics. In the intervening 100 years the nature of the mathematics has changed-the crises in Foundations, the advent of computing, new fields, and resolutions of some major mathematical challenges.

The 2007 Executive Meeting of ICMI agreed that revisiting the issues presented by linking the topics and approaches of senior secondary or undergraduate mathematics with the field of mathematics would make an appropriate joint project for ICMI and IMU.

The example set by Klein was not to proscribe any 'best' approach nor define an ideal curriculum. His intention was to awaken, to broaden, and to provide background in order to challenge teachers to convey the richness of contemporary mathematics using the school curriculum.

His approaches are adopted for the Klein Project.

Drinks and nibbles will be served after the Seminar.

For More Information: Parvin Ahadi 03 8344 41786