School Seminars and Colloquia

Systems biology and bioinformatics

Statistics Seminar

by Vladimir Likic

Institution: Bio21 Institute
Date: Tue 22nd September 2009
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Russell Love Theatre, Richard Berry Building, The University of Melbourne

Abstract: The term systems biology has emerged to describe the frontier of the cross-disciplinary research in biological sciences. In the past year 1,500 publications have been tagged with the keyword "systems biology".
What is exactly systems biology? How does it relate to traditional molecular and cell biology? How does it relate to bioinformatics, and to computational and mathematical sciences? In search for answers to some of these questions, I will examine the complexity in biological systems, the success or traditional molecular biology, and the limitations of traditional approaches in particular in terms of conceptualisation and modelling. Systems biology appears to be the leading school of thought how to move forward the scientific agenda in the post genomic era. It is driven by technological advances ('omics technologies), and relies heavily on mathematical and computational modelling. This discussion will suggest that systems biology may be a natural complement to the traditional molecular and cell biology, brought about by the massive increase in our capacity to probe biological systems on the molecular level.

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