School Seminars and Colloquia

Dispersal, settling and layer formation

Continuum Modelling Seminar

by Associate Professor Barry Hughes

Institution: Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Melbourne
Date: Mon 14th September 2009
Time: 4:15 PM
Location: Doug McDonnell Bldg - 309 (Denis Driscoll Theaterette), The University of Melbourne

Abstract: I will discuss a model for convection-dominated invasion of a spatial region by initially motile agents which are able to settle permanently.
The motion of the motile agents and their rate of settling are affected by the local concentration of settled agents.
The model can be formulated as a first-order partial differential equation for the time-integrated local concentration of the motile agents,
from which the instantaneous density of settled agents and its long-time limit can be extracted. For application-relevant initial and boundary-value problems, shocks arise in the time-integrated motile agent density, leading to delta-function components in the motile agent density. Several extensions
of the model are considered, including allowance for a diffusive component of motility.

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