School Seminars and Colloquia

Optimal gossiping protocol in the Gaussian and Eisenstein-Jacobi networks.

Discrete Structures and Algorithms (Seminar)

by Pongphat Taptagaporn

Institution: The University of Melbourne
Date: Thu 29th July 2010
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Old Geology Theatre 1, The University of Melbourne

Abstract: The Gaussian and Eisenstein-Jacobi (EJ for short) networks are graphs induced by the Gaussian and EJ integers respectively. We look at communication
protocols in these graphs, and here we focus on gossiping; where every
vertices send a distinct message to all the other vertices in the graph.
We will find the exact values of the gossip time and show that they are optimal under the store-and-forward, all-port and full-duplex model for
gossiping. We will also look at the edge and arc-forwarding indices in
all-to-all routing.

Studies of these graphs were previously motivated by coding theory as they were known to generate "perfect" codes. More recently we have found that these graphs exhibit close connections to first-kind Frobenius graphs,
circulant graphs and tori.

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