Environment, Health & Safety

The School of Mathematics and Statistics is committed to providing a safe and secure working environment for staff, students, visitors and contractors. This is achieved by having safe work procedures, providing appropriate induction and training for staff and students, and regularly inspecting the workplace for hazards.

The School's EHS program is managed through the School of Mathematics and Statistics Local EHS Committee. The Committee Membership can be found here.

The Elected Health and Safety Representative for Maths & Stats is currently vacant. Please contact Bob Rojkovski if you wish to volunteer for this position.

EHS information specific to the Faculty of Science can be found on the Science Intranet.

Objectives and targets

School of Mathematics and Statistics OHS Objectives and Targets 2015-2016
Faculty of Science OHS Objectives and Targets 2015-2016

Emergency procedures

Emergency Personnel and Contact Numbers
Evacuation Procedure
Emergency Management Website

Purchasing advice and guidance

Safety bulletin pre-purchase checklist
Pre-purchase risk assessment checklist
Purchasing office workstation equipment
Purchasing procedure
Australian standards used in purchasing

Local EHS resources and useful safety links

Checklists and Forms for Downloading
Hazard Register
Chemical Inventory
Work Area Safety Inspections
University Health and Safety Website
Office Ergonomics
Sustainable Campus
Incident Reporting
Hazard topics including manual handling

EHS policy, procedure and safety bulletins

Occupational Health and Safety Policy
OHS Issue Resolution
Equity and diversity
Workers' compensation and injury management
Other Safety Policy and Procedure
Safety Bulletins