Behrend Memorial Lectures

The School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne hosts a biennal public lecture in mathematics, dedicated to the memory of Felix Behrend. The event is made possible by the generosity of the Behrend family.

The 27th Behrend Memorial Lecture

Tuesday 4 August 2015, 6.00pm - 7.00pm, Cuming Theatre, Chemistry Building

Linear Inequalities

Michèle Vergne

Directeur de Recherches, Classe Exceptionelle

Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, Paris

Given several linear inequalities, it is not easy to see if this set of linear inequalities has a solution. It is even less so to find integers satisfying all given linear inequalities. I will give several examples, such as the Minkowski theorem and some other very recent ones, where we are sure that integral solutions exist. I will discuss the complexity of finding these solutions.

Finally, I will show that systems of linear inequalities arise naturally in problems related to quantum computers.

Update: Professor Vergne has allowed us to post the slides from her Behrend lecture.


Professor Vergne will also give a colloquium-style lecture at La Trobe University on Wednesday 5 August, from 2pm to 3pm, in room 310 in Physical Sciences 2. The title of this talk is Integer points in polytopes.

Link to the 2013 lecture page