Faculty of Science AMSI Summer School 2013

Apart from the classes there will be a number of other activities at the AMSI Summer School, such as,

Registration and opening ceremony

Meet your fellow Summer School students and find out more about AMSI at the official opening of the 2013 AMSI Summer School.

Special Lectures

Find out about other applications of mathematical and statistics at special lunchtime lectures from speakers such as Prof. Simon Levin (Princeton University) who looks at the parallels between ecological systems and financial and economic systems and to the evolution and development of structure and organisation.

Registration is compulsory, please register here.

Careers Session: SS2013

Find out about career paths and meet prospective employers, companies such as Google, Ernst and Young, Bureau of Meteorology and the Commonwealth Bank attend. More information.
Registration (for employers)

Letters and Numbers

Compete in our very own Letters and Numbers evening with special guest Lily Serna.

Daily morning teas

Each day a morning tea will be organised for AMSI Summer School students and lecturers.

Friday BBQs

Free BBQs on Fridays.

Annual Summer School dinner

Celebrate the end of a fun four weeks and plan for future catch ups. Prof. Keith Devlin, Stanford University, will speak at the Summer School dinner. His current research focuses on the use of different media to teach and communicate mathematics to diverse audiences. He also works on the design of information/reasoning systems for intelligence analysis.

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