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At the bottom of the Grand Canyon
At the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Contact information

phone: +1-604-822-2666
email: andrewr at math dot ubc dot ca
address: Department of Mathematics
The University of British Columbia
1984 Mathematics Road
Vancouver, BC, V6T-1Z2

At Lake Louise in the Rockies.

My position:


  • Semester 2 2006: Math 101 Integral Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering - common homepage.
    Homepage for my section (section 202 - MWF 12) can be found here.
  • When I was at the University of Melbourne:

    My (slightly out of date) CV

    On the Kaikoura Peninsula in New Zealand.

    Research interests

    Publication list

    Some people I know:

    Mike + Cedric + I halfway down the Grand Canyon
    Mike + Murray in a Texan garden.

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