Andrew Robinson BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD

Deputy Director, CEBRA.

Reader and Associate Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics.

I am seconded to CEBRA, the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis, which is a jointly funded by the Australian and New Zealand governments, to work on statistical and risk analysis problems in biosecurity. I am Deputy Director of the centre. I was previously seconded to ACERA, which was the predecessor to CEBRA.

I'm co-author of three books, namely Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R, Forest Analytics with R, and Methods of Statistical Model Estimation.

My locations are Room 306 Old Geology South and Room G07c, Natural Philosophy Building, both on the Parkville (main) campus of the University of Melbourne. My phone number is 03 8344-6410. I often work from home, so email (see below) is usually the best way to get in touch.

My curriculum vita is available as a pdf here and in html format here.

Here's a link to my R users group directory. You can find the icebreakeR, which are my introductory notes for R, here. I have used these notes and some associated exercises as the basis of a two- or three-day workshop that introduces managers, scientists, and analysts to R, which I have presented to various groups in Australia and the United States.

If you would like to send me e-mail, my address is A.Robinson (at)

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