Coordinates: JH Michell Theatre in the Richard Berry Building
Speaker: Craig Hodgson (Melbourne)
Title: Veering triangulations admit strict angle structures
Abstract: (Joint work with Rubinstein, Segerman, Tillmann.)

A basic question in 3-dimensional topology is to relate the combinatorics of a triangulation of a 3-manifold to the geometry of the manifold. In particular, given an ideal triangulation of a cusped hyperbolic 3-manifold we would like to know whether the triangulation are geometric, i.e. realized by positively oriented ideal hyperbolic tetrahedra.

I will describe a new class of "veering triangulations", which includes the veering taut triangulations of Agol, and sketch a proof that each veering triangulation admits a strict angle structure. This is a first step in trying to show that these triangulations are geometric via the volume maximization approach of Rivin and Casson.
Slides: Hodgson_Hyamfest.pdf (918 KB)
Paper: arXiv:1011.3695v1