Coordinates: JH Michell Theatre in the Richard Berry Building
Speakers: Ben Burton (UQ), Marc Culler (UIC), Nathan Dunfield (UICU)
Title: What are SnapPy and Regina?
Abstract: A computer demonstration of SnapPy and Regina.

SnapPy is a program for studying hyperbolic structures on 3-manifolds. It runs on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows, and is based on the SnapPea kernel created by Jeff Weeks. Features include: manifolds censuses, knot and link entry, drilling and filling, symmetry group, fundamental group, Dirichlet domain and ortholengths.

Regina is a software package for studying normal surfaces and wrangling 3-manifold triangulations. It includes a graphical user interface as well as Python bindings, and runs on Linux and MacOS. Other supported features include angle structures, census enumeration, combinatorial recognition of triangulations, high-level functions such as 3-sphere recognition and connected sum decomposition, and experimental support for piecewise linear 4-manifolds and normal hypersurfaces.