Geometry & Topology Down Under
The University of Melbourne
11-22 July 2011

Financial support for graduate students and early career researchers (subject to the eligibility criteria listed below) is kindly provided through generous funding by AMSI and the NSF. An early career researcher is defined to be a mathematician who is within five years (full-time equivalent) of the start of their research career since award of PhD. Applications from women or minorities are strongly encouraged.


The following information applies to graduate students and early career researchers based in Australia.

This event is sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI). AMSI allocates a travel allowance annually to each of its member universities.

Contact: All enquiries pertaining to AMSI funding should be directed to your local Head of Department or Head of Discipline.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for AMSI funding, a participant must be a student or early career researcher at an AMSI member university without access to a suitable research grant or other source of funding.

Nature of support: The participant may apply to their Head of Department or Head of Discipline for subsidy of travel, accommodation and registration fee out of the departmental travel allowance. Please consult the AMSI travel account procedure for further details.

Deadline for AMSI funding: Whilst there is no fixed deadline, participants are advised to apply to their Head of Department or Head of Discipline well in advance.


The following information applies to graduate students and early career researchers who are either based in the USA, or who are US citizens living and working abroad. Applications for support have now closed, and the successful applicants have been notified. Participants who have been granted travel funding, please be aware of the required documentation for travel reimbursements as outlined below.

This event is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) via a generous grant administered through Oklahoma State University. This funding is available to support the participation of early career researchers based at United States institutions, or US citizens abroad.

Contact: All correspondence pertaining to NSF funding should be directed to

Nature of support: We are able to cover accommodation expenses at Trinity College for up to 15 nights, plus travel support of up to USD 1,555 for a limited number of participants. Applications from women and minorities are especially encouraged.

Restrictions: Provision of funds for air travel is bound by the NSF rules on Use of U.S.-Flag Air Carriers. In general terms, this restricts reimbursements to tickets for airfares on US carriers only. In the event of a US/non-US codeshare flight, only tickets booked on the US partner airline code are eligible, eg. seats on QANTAS flights must be bought on American Airlines flight numbers in order to be eligible. Please be aware that this often involves a higher price! We strongly suggest that those booking tickets while waiting for a funding decision choose only US flight numbers. Under no circumstances may travel in a class other than economy/coach be considered.

double dipping

Participants who qualify for both sources of funding are encouraged to apply for AMSI funding only.