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Here are links to sites that I find to be of interest.

I sing with the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Youth Chorus.

Arun Ram has a useful list of definitions on his website under the notes and resources tabs.

The Chichago Undergraduate Mathematics Bibliography was the inspiration for my own annotated bibliography. It is a great resource for anyone setting out to teach themselves mathematics who is looking for a curriculum. It is however, a little dated. See mine for a newer one.

The Universities of Melbourne and Sydney as well as CISRA run annual puzzlehunts:
MUMS puzzlehunt
SUMS puzzlehunt
CISRA puzzlehunt

The University of Melbourne has a dance club, MUDC where you can learn to dance at student prices. Monash University has one too.

Burkard Polster and Marty Ross are two mathematicians in Melbourne whose Maths Masters website contains lots of interesting mathematical jokes and tidbits.

The Feynman Lectures available for free thanks to the generosity of Caltech.

Masoud Kamgarpour has great exercises in algebraic geometry and representation theory on his website.

The Mathematics Genealogy Project is a database of mathematicians who have completed PhDs. Your PhD thesis advisor(s) are considered your academic parents and this is a play on that notion. Ever wanted to know who Riemann's "great great grandchildren" are? Go there.