Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Workshop on Geometry and Integrability

Geometry and Integrability

Melbourne, 6 — 15 February 2008

Organisers: Jan de Gier and Hyam Rubinstein
Address: Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Melbourne, VIC 3010, Australia

The aim of this workshop is to investigate interactions between two- and three-dimensional integrable lattice models and geometry and topology. This meeting will feature lecture series on 6,7,8,11 and 12 February, see lecture schedule and topics list, and contributed talks by participants on 12--15 February. The lecture series are designed to range from an introductory and elementary level to a more advanced treatment.

Invited Lecturers Participants
Peter Bouwknegt (ANU, Canberra) Notes Vladimir Bahzanov (ANU) Vladimir Mangazeev (ANU)
Rinat Kashaev (Geneva) Richard Brak (Melbourne) Peter Milley (Melbourne)
Andrew Kricker (NTU, Singapore) Richard Brent (ANU) Alexander Molev (Sydney)
Alain Lascoux (Paris-Est) Notes Suhyoung Choi (KAIST) Paul Norbury (Melbourne)
Sergey Sergeev (ANU, Canberra) Notes Jan de Gier (Melbourne) Judy-anne Osborn (ANU)
Paul Zinn-Justin (Paris-Sud) Notes Norman Do (Melbourne) Paul Pearce (Melbourne)
Anita Dow (Melbourne) Anita Ponsaing (Melbourne)
Murray Elder (UQ) Jorgen Rasmussen (Melbourne)
Paul Fijn (Melbourne) Hyam Rubinstein (Melbourne)
Omar Foda (Melbourne) Keiichi Shigechi (Tours)
Hiroyuki Fuji (Kyoto) Stephan Tillmann (Melbourne)
Lucy Gow (Sydney) Ole Warnaar (Melbourne)
Tony Guttmann (Melbourne) Michael Wheeler (Melbourne)
Kazuhiro Hikami (Tokyo) Norman Wildberger (UNSW)
Axel Kohnert (Bayreuth) George Yiannakopoulos (DSTO)
Robin Langer (Melbourne) Yasuyoshi Yonezawa (Nagoya)
Rongmin Lu (Adelaide) Matthew Zuparic (Melbourne)
Jean-Marie Maillard (Paris 6)

There is a small registration fee of $60. To register, please send name, address details and abstract to the organisers and fill in and fax back this registration form. In case a formal letter of invitation is required, please also provide date of birth, nationality, contact phone number and a brief CV.

Accommodation for the workshop is available at Ormond College as well as at various nearby hotels. For bookings please follow the links on the left hand side of this page.

Financial support
Limited financial support may be available on request. Participants from AMSI member institutions can have their travel and accommodation expenses refunded through their department. Please contact the organisers for further information.

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