The following are selected scans and slides of talks I've given at various places:

The Thickness of Schubert Cells -- AustMS 2016 Annual Conference, Australian National University, Canberra (5/12/16).

Schubert Varieties and Finite Geometry -- 33rd Victorian Algebra Conference, Western Sydney University, Sydney (2/12/15). Very different to the talk below, despite the same title.

Schubert Varieties and Finite Geometry -- AustMS 2015 Annual Conference, Flinders University, Adelaide (2/10/15).

Talks on Soergel Bimodules[Link not working? Why? - Jon] -- as part of the Geometric Representation Theory Seminar, University of Melbourne (Jan-Jun 2015).

Schubert varieties and finite geometry -- given as a poster session as part of the mini-courses on geometric representation theory at RIMS Kyoto University (25/7/14).

Operads and the Recognition Principle -- Homotopy Seminar, University of Melbourne (2/4/14).

Classical and Quantum Schur-Weyl duality[Link not working? Why? - Jon] -- 31st Annual Victorian Algebra Conference, University of Melbourne (28/11/13); Masters Seminar, University of Melbourne (23/10/13).

The Witt, Virasoro, and N=2 superconformal algebras -- Mirror Symmetry Reading Group, University of Melbourne (29/8/13).

Hecke Algebras and the Kazhdan Lusztig conjectures -- Postgraduate Seminar, University of Melbourne (8/8/13).

'Algebraic' Finite Geometry -- Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference, Australian National University [Abridged] (16/7/13); MPhil Formal Review, University of Melbourne (17/6/13).

Generalised n-gons and the Feit Higman Theorem -- Groups and Combinatorics Seminar, University of Western Australia (8/3/13); 30th Annual Victorian Algebra Conference, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (29/11/12); Postgraduate Seminar, University of Melbourne (2/11/12).

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