-It is important to ask questions. However, my job is not to answer your questions (although sometimes I will). At the end of the day, my job is to teach you the tools which will enable you to answer the questions for yourselves.

MAST30005 3rd Year Algebra notes

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Some lovely wisdom from Seneca:
"King Alexander of Macedon once took up the study of geometry - poor fellow, inasmuch as he would thus find out how minute the earth really was, the earth of which he had possessed himself of a tiny part; yes, 'poor fellow' I call him, for the reason that he was bound to discover that his title was a false one; for who can be 'Great' in an area of minute dimensions? Anyway, the points he was being instructed in were of some subtlety and such that the learning of them demanded the closest concentration, not the sort of thing that would be grasped by a crazed individual projecting his thoughts across seas. 'Teach me,' he said, 'the easy things,' to which his instructor answered, 'These things are the same for everyone, equally difficult for all.' Well, imagine that nature is saying to you, 'Those things you grumble about are the same for everyone. I can give no one anything easier. But anyone who likes may make them easier for himself.' How? By viewing them with equanimity."